Brunch is now a common way to celebrate Easter or Mother’s Day, and has even become an important element of wedding and family celebrations. But have you ever wondered who was the first person to decide to merge breakfast and lunch in a one delicious meal? The genius who invented brunch was Guy Beringer, the English writer who proposed the idea in his essay “Brunch: A Plea” in 1895, describing brunch as “cheerful, sociable and inciting”. He wanted to suggest an alternative to a heavy post-church Sunday meal. He was also the one who suggested starting this meal with alcoholic beverages instead of coffee and tea.

And have you ever heard the word ‘blunch’? In 1896, the English magazine Punch warned readers, “The combination-meal, when nearer the usual breakfast hour, is ‘brunch,’ and, when nearer luncheon, is ‘blunch.’ Please don’t forget this.”

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